5 steps for a 3d scan

3d scanning provides opportunities for business and industry to create additional value in their engineering tasks. Whether it be capturing a subsea anomaly, reverse engineering or to import into your CAD platform; it’s never been more available, flexible or cost-effective. We have many options in how we obtain the point-cloud data which scanning provides. We […]

Game controler for subsea meetings

Talking about subsea? Why aren’t you having the meeting subsea..?

  • 12/12/2017
  • Scanning
  • Chris Harvey

Those of you with technical backgrounds will know all too well why this would help. On balance though, the decompression schedule might be a bother, particularly if the meeting was ‘spirited’. Cue the awkward silence. As we tackle the challenges of the day, do we really have meetings which aim to settle some points, make […]

Boat for redesign and refit scanned with sony alpha A77 and geometry regenerated for reverse engineering

3D services in Aberdeen. Usable, flexible, valuable.

Saving time and money with value-add deployment of 3D data   What area of your project can be streamlined with use of 3D data? What can we do onshore that might save us having to go offshore? How can we engage our stakeholders and share a truly collaborative view?   Let’s start with an image. […]

Pipeline scanned for defect identification

Reactive 3d scanning – Laser or Photogrammetry?

There are many options available in today’s market for accurately capturing geometry from the real world, with Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry being the most prevalent. How do we select the best option? Do we go for speed of on-site response? Speed of capture? Documented accuracy levels? Hopefully, we do none of these. Instead, we take […]

Technical discussions – smarter, faster, better

Design reviews are a complicated animal. For the core design team, they are a means by which the subject at hand can be communicated to a broader section of colleagues and stakeholders. Important stuff, if we wish for a successful project. Following completion, we want best outcomes in terms of fit, form and function. We […]

You have 5 minutes – make me a 3D expert

The term 3D (three dimensional) is all around, and you’re probably bored of hearing it. Blame Hollywood. For some reason they thought that a concept which bombed in the ‘80s could be resurrected. Swing and a miss… So forget that nonsense, we’re talking about 3D technology which is actually worth something. You should not be […]

Kick it… see if it does something…

3d printers are clever machines. Whether they work in metals, plastics or composites they are changing the way we create physical objects. What they don’t have, are flashes of inspiration. They don’t suddenly boot up and create something awesome. You can’t show it a sketch and you can’t sit it down with a coffee and […]

An engineers desk full of tools

Pies, pumps and products

  It was only a matter of time before make-studios made the headlines, (or catch-up TV headlines at least)! BBC’s current series, “The Big Life Fix” has lifted the curtain and gone behind the scenes of a make-studio for the first time. They focus specifically on life-style assistance for the vulnerable, the series has pulled […]

Let sleeping dogs lie

Down-time again, the parts are weeks away – just sit and wait?

As any operational engineer will tell you, the issue of down-time has many causes, and the cost of down-time can often be alarming. One of the key players in mitigation of down-time is access to the right spares, at the right time. Sound simple? It’s not! A good spares strategy will centre around risk to operations and attempt to ensure swift resolution to industrial failures. Tying up capital […]