Boat for redesign and refit scanned with sony alpha A77 and geometry regenerated for reverse engineering

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  • What area of your project can be streamlined with use of 3D data?

  • What can we do onshore that might save us having to go offshore?

  • How can we engage our stakeholders and share a truly collaborative view?


Let’s start with an image. Below you will see a mock-up of a core sample. Following 3d photogrammetric scanning, we have been able to ‘unroll’ the geometry and verify an accuracy level of 0.52mm;

Unwrap point cloud or mesh photogrammetry 3D data

Scanning of real life geometry

3D scanning is an extremely powerful tool. In our opinion the value isn’t in putting your face on a lego figure, and it’s not for people either, (unless you’re about to star in a video-game).

We see the technology quite differently;

  • Dimensional control of crucial equipment
  • Dimensional reports of damage found during survey
  • Conversion of images and video into highly accurate 3D geometry


Boat for redesign and refit scanned with sony alpha A77 and geometry regenerated for reverse engineering 3D data

Reverse Engineering from ‘as-is’ data

Once your data is obtained, you are free to manipulate and interrogate the data as the project demands. Compare it to as-built data, or the previous scan. Highlight and inspect anomalies. No budget for a new survey? No problem, just send in your latest survey images or video.

  • Accurate comparison of scan data with legacy CAD, as-built or as-is records
  • “Deviation map” visualisations showing location and extremity of anomalies and deviations beyond as built or previous scan
  • Point clouds as a basis for FEA analysis


Offshore oil and gas operations platform member model and overlaid photogrammetry results for FEA analysis 3D data

Physical technical modelling

Your data can also be prepared for creation as a real life physical object via 3d printing. Where a recovery meeting is arranged to discuss your challenge, be sure to invite the problem part. Collaborate with a shared view of the issue to add value to the project.

  • Improve understanding with non-technical stakeholders
  • Exhibit and explain your product or concept
  • Share a collaborative view with your colleagues and customers


3D printed models one output from photogrammetry 3D data

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